* For the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) and care groups

* For polishing Furniture and Polyester

* For Aircraft and marine industry and polishing Surfaces such as Granite It is IDEAL!


Technical Information

The OBEY sheepskin wax pads we have produced is natural and are manufactured with %100 of sheepskin.


In production of wax pads we use Merino Sheeps.The color of feathers usually is white or ivory white. According to the life of sheep Colour difference can be found on fur. Wool brightness changes according to race ,genus of sheep and climatic conditions. The feathers are very elastic. If the pad is dry ,it would extend over %20-30 and If the pad is wet it would extend over %30-%40.In polishing the pad would extend too. The feathers has thin, soft and dense wool layer.


Tola(skin layer) is very strong.The feathers protrude 1,5 cm outward and in use between velcro and surface its aim is to become buffer.


The OBEY sheepskin wax pads are produced for the section of the factory finishing and repair group. The pads is used for treatment of paint streams, emery scratches and similar errors. Compared to their counterparts it treat all scratches fastly. When it is used , the view is not unnatural. Thanks to natural product the surface does not heat up.


In factories the velcro system is used. Thanks to velcro centering system applied to factories specifically the balance during application removes.The feathers protrude 1,5 cm outward and in use between velcro and surface its aim is to become buffer.


Thanks to these features Our pads is preferred by all factories in order to make the polishing process safe and comfortable.


• White color,wool length is 3/4” and 1” knap

• Quality of wool is over 54.

• %30 - %35 fat.

• The delicacy is 21.3-27.0 Micron.

• In synthetic pad per inc square 13000 fiber product is equivalent to 60000 fiber.

• Compared to classic polish pad it leaves less opacity and rotation traces.

• Naturall fibers included every fiber axis are sharpened with ruler.It does not splatter Substances applied and leave a scratch trace.

• Providing lower heat level which polishing systems aims Lamb's wool pads does not leave a trace and removes them.

• Compared to classic polish pad Lamb's wool polish pads provide better polishing and move faster.

• It is more resistant than classic pads. Fibers are compressible and but even retainits original shape.

• Denser collection surface distributes the material evenly and steady.

• It has various sizes for Hook 'N Loop Backing.